Childrens Ministry

Children are our future. Recent events indicate that the world is becoming evil and darker around us, it’s extremely important and our responsibility to provide our children with a solid foundation in the word of God. At Dominion Temple, a necessary foundation is built throughout each age level with the same emphasis as adults. Children are exposed to and taught the word of God at a tender age. It is our belief and responsibility to position the saints in the world as leaders thoroughly equip with the word of God. This ministry provides nurturing and loving environment for infants, toddlers and teenagers to learn to hear the voice of God, know God and His purpose. Dominion Kids participate in Praise & Worship, Prayer, Bible studies, Story time, Music and many fun activities. They learn to memorize and recite scriptures, reference the Bible for Salvation, Healing, Faith and Prayer etc.; and are able to apply the principles of leading someone to Christ. Much more Dominion Kids know how to be occupied with Jesus. Our teams of Spirit-filled teachers are well equipped to provide the molding of children from toddler years to age thirteen. Age Levels:

  • Toddler Preschool
  • Early Elementary Elementary
  • Upper Elementary Middle School
  • High School

Ministry Contact

  • Nancy Morny – Ministry Leader
  • Gloria Addo – Assist. Leader

Specific Involvement Requirements

  • Affection for Kids
  • Love, caring and nurturing
  • Patience

Ministry Meetings

  • Day: Sunday, Monthly Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM Location: Auditorium

Contact Email: