DISCIPLESHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Adult Bible Class (ABC) What is it about? The ABC Program is the Discipleship Program of the International Central Gospel Church designed to provide new entrants with ministry that leads to their establishment in the church. New entrants include the following categories of individuals:

1. Visitors who come to our church who have not given their lives to Christ. That is, they are not born again Christians.

2. Born-again visitors joining our church from other churches.

3. Members from other ICGC assemblies who have not completed the ABC program and have joined our Assembly.

4. New converts won through the church’s outreach program. What is the Goal? The Goal of the ABC Ministry is to make disciples of all the above categories of individuals through a carefully-designed and coordinated program of activities including but not limited to:

A. Teaching program at the church premises. B. Follow-up activities at the community level.