Family Enrichment / Couples Ministry

This Ministry helps build Christ-centered marriages through pre-marital counseling; seminars that feature practical teaching and interactive learning to help couples keep their marriages on solid ground Family Enrichment Ministry is designed to prepare married, singles, seriously dating, engaged persons, separated, divorced and widow persons for successful experience in all relationships. It exists to provide biblical principles and practical life applications to the groups mentioned above. The Scriptural philosophy is taken from the Old Testament Book of Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Inscribe below are some of the objectives this ministry seeks to accomplish Uncover God’s purposes for men and women. Discover the uniqueness of the man and woman. Teach submission, respect, and honor in relationships. Place at the disposal of partner’s communication guidelines and tools in relationships. Provide skills necessary for conflicts resolution within relationships Provide an awareness of the impact our family relationships have upon our relationships with others. Unlock Scriptural keys for intimacy. Identify God’s principles of budgeting and finance, and their practical application to our lives. Ministry Contact <ul> <li>Deacon George Kwame Yirenkyi</li> <li>Annie Yirenkyi</li> <li>Mr &amp; Mrs Ansong</li> </ul> Specific Involvement Requirements: <ul> <li>Under-go marriage Counseling training</li> </ul> Ministry Meetings: <ul> <li>Day: Last Sunday of the month</li> <li>Time: 7:00PM – 9:00PM</li> <li>Location: Prayer Line</li> </ul> Contact email: